Guest Post: Dr. Lesley Phillips- Author of The Midas Tree

Why You Are So Very Necessary
Each person is a part of “the great all that is, everything that exists, the cosmic consciousness, all that ever was or will be” or whatever other word you like use to describe God.
What this means is that every individual has their own individual place within the whole. If you think about that for a moment you will see that this means no one person can take the place of another. If they did there would be a hole in the whole!
Now that just wouldn’t do would it?
You Have a Life Purpose
Because we are unique, we each have a place within the overall plan. This is different for everyone because everyone is different. So it will not do at all for you to compare yourself to somebody else.
Someone who feels useless or inadequate or someone who competes with others is unable to see themselves clearly. If they did then they would be able to validate their own unique contribution to the world. As well as the unique contributions of those other people they think must be better than them.
This is an important lesson we all need to learn.
How Do I Know I am Fulfilling My Purpose?
All well and good I hear you say, but how can I find out what this purpose is?
Do you know how it feels when a wrong note is sounded in the symphony? It sticks out like a sore thumb and it messes up the whole performance. Imagine yourself singing a song out of tune. It feels horrid – this is what your life feels like if you are not playing your note.
How does it feel when the performance hits all the right notes? It is sublime. It is amazing. It delights the entire audience. Imagine yourself singing a beautiful aria. It feels magnificent – you are on top of the world and full of Joy. This is what it feels like when you are on purpose.
How Do I Find My Purpose?
Because of your unique perspective within the divine plan, you have access to everything you need to sing your note, and to live your life on purpose.
So if you are feeling lost in the wilderness; if you have lost sight of why you are here; if you think others are better able than you to shine their light, then all you need to find a way to tune your instrument.
For me the answer has been meditation. Meditation has allowed me to connect with my higher self and tune into my uniqueness. It has allowed me to let go of competition and invalidation and see myself for who I truly am.

It’s Not always a Straightforward Journey

For me this involved a complete metamorphosis from a PhD qualified Biotech Business Executive to a Spiritual Teacher and Author.

Meditation helped me find my way and that is why I wrote my book “The Midas Tree’ so that I can share the tools, tips and techniques that helped me with others in the most fun way I know – through a fairy tale adventure story!

Introduction to “The Midas Tree”

The Midas Tree” is a spiritual adventure novel aimed at a middle grade to Young Adult audience; although all the adults who have read it like it too. It is a spellbinding story overflows with challenges, magical creatures and mystical superpowers, which you will discover along the way.

The hero of the book, Joshua is taken from his beautiful safe home into a mystical world, where he must discover his life path and overcome his ego so he can fulfill his destiny. It is my deepest wish that readers of “The Midas Tree” will find themselves and their unique path just as Joshua does.

Dr. Lesley Phillips is a speaker, author, workshop leader, spiritual and meditation teacher based in Vancouver BC, Canada. Her book “The Midas Tree,” a spiritual adventure story for children of all ages is available on Amazon as a paperback or e-book. She can be reached at:-
Twitter: @DrLesleyP


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