I Feel Like Hatching

Today at Dad's Doctor Appointment:

The nurse asked, "Have you had a flu shot?"
Dad replied with, "Nooo, I haven't had one of those in a long time."
"Do you want one?"
" I don't like needles."
Well if you're between the ages of 18-62 you don't have to get an intramuscular one. You can get a transdermal one."
Where would the inner muscular one go?"
"I'm thinking your tongue", I said.
"Well, with the transdermal one it would be a tiny needle and barely go under your skin.", said the nurse.
"Are you allergic to eggs or had any reaction to any egg like product?"
"Well, I had two this morning. Will they go against me?"
"Good grief", says I.
"Here you go."
"Did it hurt?", I asked.
"Now Lisa when your Mamaw calls for a report tell her I'm bloated and have worms."
"After getting that shot I taste chicken soup. And feel like I'm 'bout to hatch an egg."
"I'm sure you do."


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