Larry's Whiz

I took my Dad and husband to have blood drawn. This is the enlightening conversation they had while on the way there:

" If they want me to piss in a cup today I ain't gonna do it. That's embarrassing, they need to build a private bathroom for people who need to do that. And have paper bags to put it in. That's what I'll do, next time I'll bring me a paper bag and write Larry's whiz on it", Dad said.

(No he does not pause to take breaths while speaking).

"I totally agree.", said Dear Husband.

"And if they ever want me to sh*t in a cup I'm gonna bring me a giant butter bowl and sh*t in that. I bet they'd like that.

"Parkay, poopie! Parkay, Poopie!. I can't believe it's not poop!"

"And if she hurts me while sticking me I'm gonna pinch her on the a**."

Parkay, Poopie!
Fun times.


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