A Review of Sing Out Your Dead ( A Kristy Silver Show Choir Mystery) by Ella Scott

Kindle Format
Publisher: VLF Press (January 2013)

Music teacher, Kristy Silver, has two weeks to get her show choir ready for their chance at a national competition where this class-C high school can finally show the country their A-game. But when she learns someone has murdered her star pupil, Kristy's dedication to her students leads her on a journey to find the killer. She'll also have to face her own demons along the way.

My Review:

An amateur detective with a mental illness makes an interesting concept for a book. I've read a lot of mysteries but never one like this. Usually the killer in mysteries is diagnosed with some sort of mental illness- which gets tiring. This was a refreshing twist. It had a few typos but they didn't distract from the story. I enjoyed reading it.

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