Sing for Me by Penelope Reece

Paperback or Kindle format
308 pages
Publisher: Amazon (January 2013)


Chloe Haskell, a runaway diva escapes her old life to start anew. She's enrolled in college and there she meets her old lover Rhys Ryther- a substitute professor. They rekindle their relationship but after she is cast in the school play strange things start happening to her. Has the man she ran away from and thought dead shadowing her again?  And will Rhys still want her when he finds out about her past?

My Review:

I'm a fan of The Phantom of the Opera so I was excited to read this book. After reading just a few pages I was hooked. The book had in Chloe a wounded figure that had me rooting for her to find happiness, and a creepy villain I wanted to see defeated. I also enjoyed the romance between Chloe and Rhys. It was also suspenseful and kept me interested. A nice debut novel. 

I was given a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

My rating:

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