Accidental Deception ( Book One of the Accidental Series) by Tina Martin

Kindle or Nook
251 pages
Publisher: Tina Martin (March 2013)

I received a complimentary copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.  

Accidental Deception is a story about love versus loyalty, the tug-of-war that dictates every action Carter Williams will take after he stumbles upon a homeless woman, Shayla Kline, in Uptown Charlotte. Completely out of character for the usually self-centered bachelor, he puts his life on hold to spend a few nights with the stranger in the hospital.

That’s when he makes an earth shattering discovery – Shayla was the fiancée of Jacob, his estranged brother. His brother who hated him. His brother who recently committed suicide. His brother who, despite the animosity between them, wrote him a suicide note asking him to take care of Shayla.

Out of guilt and fulfillment of Jacob’s final wish, he moves Shayla into his home and gives her everything she needs to start over. The more she confides in him, the deeper their relationship grows and Carter not only wants to help her, he finds himself wanting desperately to love her, to be a man for her, to give her everything his brother could not. There’s only one problem – Shayla does not know that Jacob was his brother. Now, Carter wages an internal war within himself with his own morals – morals that tells him he should be loyal to his brother by not pursuing Shayla. But it’s hard to walk away from the only woman that has been able to awaken his heart.


First off, I like the cover. I think it's very eye-catching and captures the tone of the book. As for the book itself, I think the author did a good job depicting the growth of a self-absorbed player. I thought the romance was sweet and believable. However I got frustrated with Carter acting like such a MAN and not telling Shayla how he felt. Looking forward to reading the next installment in this story. 


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