Advise and Resent

A couple of days ago my grandfather had a doctor's appointment. The receptionist said he needed to fill out some new forms-more to add to the "few" he's already got.
"He's usually has me sign for him", I said.
Do you have power of attorney for him?", she asked.
"No, but I've been siging forms for him for about five years now."
"Well...the company states that if you don't have power of attorney the patient needs to sign them himself.Can he make a mark or something to show it's him?"
"He prefers me to sign them."

I decided to quit arguing like a five year old and took the papers. I don't know why I was being difficult (I'm not usually, sometimes-but not always) because she was just doing her job. 

A few minutes later I took them back up there and she asked if he signed them OK. I just handed them to her and smiled. I signed them, with him sitting beside me and me explaining the papers to him-just like I've been doing.(Which I've been told by other workers for the same company is ok as long as he gives permission and I put my initials and relationship to him beside his name). A little while later he needed to sign another consent form and told the nurse to hand it to me. She did-without a lesson on company policy.

The thing is a power of attorney or living will would probably be more convenient and save trouble in case a loved one can't make their own decisions.Thankfully, though when a medical emergency has come up my family is on the same page and we don't bicker over choices. There's still some people who don't want to  get a living will or power of attorney.And they don't need someone telling them they "need" to. My family members say, "Lisa-sign this or Lisa-sign that" and I sign it. I have trouble with either the government or a healthcare organization saying it's better to do it their way or their way is more convenient ( A lot of times their way is NOT more convenient). Anyway...if I keep on writing, I'll get started on my thoughts on HIPPA crappa and that would probably be a whole book so I'm going to shut up now.

What are your thoughts on healthcare organizations "helpful" policies?


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