Here Mommy Mommy

Mother dear does not like to take medicine. I can't really blame her...I don't like to take medicine either. However, she has some pretty serious medical conditions such as bladder problems and rheumatoid arthritis, so it's important that she takes them on a regular basis. She doesn't. She'll take the med to help her occasionally. Yeah, that'll work. She also doesn't inform her doctors of what she'd doing and what's she's not doing. I however do...she doesn't like that. I've informed her she needs to tell her doctors everything and her doctors have said she needs to take her medicine every day for it to help.

Still she doesn't...and then complains of not feeling well. So, I have decided to get one of those cat medicine dispensers...the ones where you put the pill in the end, push the plunger, and the pill shoots into the cat's mouth and down it's throat. I can see me now, "Here Mommy, that's a good girl. Let's take your pill."

Fool proof plan.


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