Party Like It's 3012?

Scott on Justin Bieber:
Who is that on the radio?
Me: That's Justin Beaver.
Him: THAT'S Justin Beaver? I thought it was Keshia or somebody.
Me: Nope, that's him. He's like 18 and his voice hasn't changed yet. He still sounds like a girl.
Scott: Geez, he get his b*lls cut off or something? We're going party like it's 3012...what the freak? At least Prince got it right-partying like it's 1999, I guess Beaver didn't get the reference or something. Now who's that, is that Keshia?
Me: That's Nikki of those interchangeable weird girl singers.
Scott: This is a fun song, I wish I were high.


  1. Haha hilarious! love it! Would love to see more of these little convo's ;)

    Florentine @ Readiculously Peachy

    1. Thanks, the husband is entertaining at times.


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