101 Things To Do Before I Die

My Mother recently had an E.R. visit, she has yet another UTI. The Nurse Practitioner was asking her history and why she was seeing an urologist.

" I have trouble catherizing myself", Mom said.
" Do you have anyone to help?", the NP asked.

This is when  I  wanted to lift my hand as if I was in school and say " ME! ME!" but I refrained from doing so.

This is the 2nd health care professional Mom has had this same discussion with. See, she has RA so it's hard to catheterize herself but I have offered to help her numerous times. After a year, I think she may be wearing down. You see, I have jackass genes.

I understand where she's coming from...who wants their child to help them with such an intimate thing? It's not like it's on my bucket list, either-

57. Catheterize Mom- Done!
Woo Hoo!
Now I can die happy.

My grandmother needed help taking a bath and going to the bathroom and  she hated being waited on. But she knew she couldn't do it herself and she took care of me so I took care of her. Was it awkward?

Yep. Sure was. But I did it. Cause that's what family's for.


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