Avon Calling

When we went to pick up my husband's medicine the other day my Dad was driving. This is what took place when he drove up to the pick-up window.

"Hello", Dad said.
" You have to push the call button," I told him.
" My arms ain't long enough."
" Use my grabby tool", The Husband said.
( Yes that's the technical term.)
" Ding Dong. Avon calling," said Dad.
" Good grief, " I exclaimed.
After a few minutes the tech still hadn't come to the window so Dad tooted the horn a couple of times.
" Don't do that."
" Well, they ain't coming."
As the tech come to the window-
" She done it," as he pointed to me.
" I did not."
" I was eating," the tech said.
" Did you save me some?,' he asked.
" Good grief," I exclaimed while trying to make myself invisible.
" No, it's all gone," she said.
" Well, can I lick the paper?"
" Kill me now," said I as I was trying to climb under the seat.
" We need to get medicine for Jose Jimenez also known as Scott."
" What's his birthday?"
He told her and then exclaimed, " He's just a youngun."
( By then I was praying that Jesus would bind his tongue.)
 She then told him the price and he said, " That much? You know you all need to make this drawer longer, I got short little stubby arms and can't reach it."
" Help me Jesus."


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