Purple Haze

Yesterday my husband went to the ophthalmologist for his eye. As he was taking the initial exam when the tech adjusted the letters for him he asked if he could see any of the letters better. My husband replied, " You've got to be kidding."
After some more tests, the doctor came back with the diagnosis- a retinal tear which could lead to a retinal detachment. The treatment for the tear was laser treatment to create a barrier so the tear wouldn't expand anymore. So I went back to the waiting room and the husband went into the laser tag room. After a few minutes he came out and I asked how it went.

"Well, when they were doing it all of a sudden these bright lights starting exploding behind my eye. Especially purple, a bright purple haze. I thought I was experiencing the 60s again."


Anyway he goes back in three weeks- and yes he is still wearing his eye patch and using pirate speak.


  1. Good thing he got in to see the doc. I hope that his eye heals quickly. The 60's - I was there, but not very old. I remember dressing up as a hippie for halloween.


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