Shape Up and Ship Him Out

I am the designated money handler for the family so on the first of every month I do the bill paying. The Husband and I recently had a conversation about this topic:

" I don't know why I get so tired after going out. You'd think just paying bills wouldn't make me so tired.", I said.

"You're out of shape," said Husband Dear.

"Excuse me?"

"You're out of shape."

"Do I make reference to the state of your being? Noooo. I meant that doing all the running is tiring. Besides, I was just making conversation but you had to go and be a man and show  your ignorance."

"I'll just sit over here."

"You do that."

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  1. I'll sit over here and try not to laugh :/

    I do all the bills too. I set most of ours up on auto pay, less things to have to worry with :)

  2. Good idea, thanks. I pay my grandfather's bills too and he wants me to use money orders or pay in person. He grew up during the Depression so my theory is he still doesn't trust banks.


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