The Difference Between Night and Day by Melissa Turner Lee

* I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.


Published 2013 by AltWit Press
317 pages

Nathaniel Taylor was a Christian who thought believers were exempted from "dark times." That was until he entered his own long time in the dark. When he meets Lilly, a young woman in danger, it sends him on a journey to discover the difference between night and day and that during dark times, the light is hidden, not gone.

My Thoughts:

I thought the book started off slow but towards the middle it picked up and I found myself enjoying it more. Nathaniel was a great character and while I found Lilly to be a little annoying at first she quickly grew on me. I know the theme of the book was light vs. dark but I found it to be a little heavy handed at times- I thought the point the author was trying to get across could have been more subtle. That didn't stop me from enjoying the book though and I did like how she incorporated scripture in. I also liked that it was a vampire novel, but different from others I've read. I also think the cover art is beautiful. So it's getting:

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