Be Brave

My Dad had a doctor’s appt. Wednesday. He told the doctor his  concerns and more blood work was ordered. Because of what showed up in the blood work the dr. wanted Dad to have a CT scan to make sure he didn’t have any blood clots. This news didn’t go over well. See Dad doesn’t like closed in places or needles. That’s because he’s normal. Anyone who looks forward to crawling in a MRI hole or getting stuck with needles is a not playing with a full deck. Yay, I get to have blood drawn! Highlight of my life!
But the dr. was really concerned to I tried talking to him rationally, then bossily, and then using a guilt trip. Curses! Nothing worked. So… I told my brother to have my niece talk to him.
Here is what she said:
” You go to doctor. Be brave. I got shot, it not hurt. It’s Ok. Be brave.”
He went and had his test done today.  Being manipulative works.
He also took an anti anxiety- med and became a fan of it.
” I like this stuff. I feel woozy and floaty. I should have been taking this stuff all a long, It relaxes me. I may have to get a prescription for this.”
When we got inside the hospital he hopped onto a desk and asked if they were going to scan him there.
” No, I don’t think so.”, I said.
” Hey there’s a security guard. He looks like a fat Barney Fife.”
We were finally called and he then exclaimed to the desk:

” Here table, let’s go. Good dog.”

Then again maybe the sedative isn’t such a good idea.


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