Dark Tater

Dad went to the doctor a few days ago. As usual the conversation was um, interesting.

Something's been causing him to overheat and then have panic attacks. He's been poked, prodded, and scanned and nothing's been found.
I have my own theory:

"Something's making you overheat. Maybe you're going through menopause.", I said.
" Maybe. I might have to get a himarectomy.", Dad said.
"Yeah, Dad. You do that."

Then talk veered to what children watch these days:

" All kids wanna watch these days is some goop about people wearing magic rings and flying around in the sky.", he said.
" Huh? I have no idea what you're talking about.", I exclaimed.
" Kids need to watch Yodi and Dark Tater. When they get to fighting you can see the fire flying from their life savers."
" Uh, Dad. They're light sabers, not life savers."
" Yeah, them life savers really do the trick." 
" Okaaaay."

Dark Tater and his life saver


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