Dead Cow Germs

They're laughing at me, I can hear the little buggers. Yes, it's dead cow germs from the raw hamburger that's been left on the counter.  I can see them multiplying as I stand in the kitchen wondering where to begin.

" What are you doing?", my husband asks.
" Having a nervous breakdown. I'll be ok in a few minutes."

My grandfather has cooked again. He's still able and likes to cook for himself at times and I think that's a very good thing. If only he believed in hand washing and not leaving moo cow juice on the counters.  I've tried to talk to him about  the merits of cleanliness, but for now it's hit and miss.
So, I fight my genetic inclination to nag and go  tackle cleaning up e-coli and friends.  I can hear them mocking me, but I shall prevail


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