Hold On Loosely, But Don't Let Go

Yesterday I was sitting on the front porch thinking DEEP THOUGHTS, pondering which nail polish complments my skin tone best when all of  sudden my Mom shouted,
" LISA!"
"What?", I asked.
"Come here."
"Where you at?"
" In here, I'm stuck."
" I got over here and I can't move my foot."
" Ok, I've got you. Try to move your leg."
" I can't, I'm afraid I'll fall."
" I won't let you, I have a good grip on you."
This is where Dad comes in and takes her arm.
"Don't pull me"., she said.
" He's not", I told her. " He just holding you. Can you move your foot?"
" I'm going to try to move it for you."
"NO! I might fall on my face."
" I've got you."
" Here, let me grab hold of your pants", she told Dad.
" No, you'll pull down my britches."
" No, we don't want that.", I exclaimed.
" I can't move cause all the shoes are in the way."
"Ok, I'll kick them out of the way and try to move your leg back."
" Just move it the hell out of the way and I can."
" Um, ok."

So I moved it the hell out the way and she finally got unstuck.


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