Lye Soap Brasion

Philosophical discussions for today:

At the doctor's office-
Me: There goes a time waster.
Dad: What?
Me: Drug rep.
Dad: He's got a bandage on his arm, reckon it's tennis elbow?
Scott: Yeah.
Dad: He's walking funny.
Me: That's where they sucked the soul out his a**.

Scott: Ooh that sign says they do microdermabrasion.
Dad: Is that where they put something on your face or under your arms and rub it?
Scott: Yeah, they do. They put something on your skin to peel the upper layer off and it makes you shiny and bootiful.
Dad: Shoot, get a rough rag and some lye soap. It does the same thing, call it lyesoapbrasion. It's got grit from the ashes, some pig lard. That works.


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