Book Review: Grapes of Death by Joni Folger

Grapes of Death: A Tangled Vines Mystery
( Tangled Vines # 1)
Genre: Mystery
By: Joni Folger
288 pages
Publisher: Midnight Ink
Publication Date: September 2013

* I was given a copy from the publisher via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

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Book Synopsis:

A vineyard inheritance mystery has Elise tangled up in murder

Elise Beckett has a wonderful family, a good job on the family-owned River Bend vineyard, and a smart, stable boyfriend—even if he does live five hours away. But when her long-distance beau offers her a dream job, she's torn between her family responsibility and exciting new horticulture research.
Before Elise has time to think about her decision, Uncle Edmond, the family's money-loving and temper-toting black sheep—shows up to bully her mother into giving him ownership of the vineyard, which he claims is his inheritance. After she refuses, Edmond storms away, only to be later found dead by the river. What seems to be an accidental drowning turns out to be murder. Now Elise must help Sheriff's Deputy Jackson Landry solve the mystery before the killer strikes again.

My Thoughts:

A spunky protagonist, interesting plot and setting, and  smoking chemistry between Elise and Jackson add up to a fine debut mystery. I'll definitely read more books in this series. So I'm giving it:



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