Call Me Wonder Woman

Recently I've had to fill out more medical history forms. According to the company they've reduced paperwork and made it more simple for the patient. So how come there seems to be more forms with basically the same questions over and over?  It's a puzzler.

So, anyway...after receiving an envelope bigger than my head filled with the forms I got to filling them out. 292 pages of the same thing. Sometimes I think of writing off the wall answers just to keep them on their toes. Not that I ever would. No. Not me.

Sex: Yes. Please.
What are some of your hobbies? Playing chicken with pedestrians.
Do you consume alcohol? Heck yeah. Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill is da bomb.
If yes, how much? As often as I can.
Have you used any illegal drugs? I like the ganja.
What languages do you speak? Swahili
Marital Status: Unfortunately
Race: No thanks, I can't run very fast.
Have you had any surgery in the past? Prostrate removed.


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