The Six Dollar Man

We took Dad to the hospital today to get a holter monitor put on. As usual the discussion was deep:

" Wonder what your Mommy will think when I have this machine on? I'll be like that one on tv with the artifical arm, leg, and eye. We can make him better, faster, stronger", Dad said.

" Yes, you'll be the Six Dollar Man", said I.

" Sharper than a bowling ball, able to leap the kitchen table in a single thud. It's the Six Dollar Man."

After he got it on-

" Don't call me Iron Man, call me Aluminum Man. Lisa, this thing's expensive so I'm now the Ten Dollar Man. Ten Dollar Aluminum  Man. I don't have a fancy eye like the other, though."

" But you do have a really fierce squint.It's creepy", The Husband said.

" And I can see my a** with both eyes.", said Dad.

The Six Dollar Man- Able to leap a table with a single thud


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