Book Review-Soul Recovery: 12 Keys to Healing Addiction

Soul Recovery: 12 Keys to Healing Addiction
By: Ester Nicholson
Genre: Non-fiction/ Inspirational
192 pages
Publisher: Agape Media International
Publication Date: June 2013 

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* I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.


  Ester Nicholson’s foundational process that she’s termed Soul Recovery unlocks the code of dependence as it manifests in substance, relationship, and behavioral addictions, among others. As you’re guided through a 12-week process of study and practice, the author courageously shares her inspiring journey that has ultimately led to a new life of wholeness, fearlessness, and power. Using examples and daily practices, she reveals the 12 keys that saved her life and the spiritual technology that will bring you serenity and carry you to your dreams.      The Soul Recovery process works deeply with life paradigms and practices to create a soul-centered awareness that’s so profound that disease; addictions; and everyday problems related to attachments, expectations, and limiting beliefs are dissolved in the face of it. A fascinating read, Soul Recovery tells the gritty story of a recovering substance abuser who rose to great career heights while falling into a personal abyss, only to find her way back with newfound glory and purpose. Its powerful lessons and practical, easy-to-use exercises can be used by people of all ages and from all walks of life.

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed the author's writing style, she has a good voice. She writes in a brutally honest way about her addictions and how she overcame them. It's a useful guide for those struggling with their own demons.

 About the author:

Ester is an Agape-licensed, spiritual therapist who for 17 years has studied under Michael Bernard Beckwith, most famous for his appearances on Oprah and as a featured "teacher" in the popular book and motion picture, The Secret.  She’s also a gifted vocalist who’s completed two world tours with Rod Stewart and Bette Midler, and has released her own critically acclaimed albums of soul-nurturing music.

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