Book Review: The Litter of the Law

The Litter of the Law
By: Rita Mae Brown
256 pages
Genre: Mystery
Publisher: Bantam
Publication Date: October 22, 2013
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Autumn has descended and crops are being harvested all over Crozet, Virginia, ideal conditions for a scenic drive for Harry and husband Fair. Bucolic views are all well and good, but Harry’s nose for trouble leads her straight to a cornfield’s macabre scarecrow—an all too real murder victim that frightens all but the noisy crows.

This accountant’s gruesome death is only the first of many disturbing events in this normally pastoral corner of the world. While Harry tends her beloved grapes and sunflowers, a killer edges closer—as does Harry’s protective menagerie of animals.

Halloween’s approach brings with it bona fide terror and a beloved local tradition that threatens to become fatal. Rooting out the guilty in the treacherous center of a lucrative conspiracy requires Harry’s farmer’s wisdom—along with the quick wits and extraordinary senses of Sneaky Pie, Pewter, and Tucker. A vicious murderer may know the lay of the land far better than Harry does, but that’s about to change. It’s up to her vigilant four-footed companions to make sure that the unearthing of this plot is not Harry’s last act.

My Thoughts:

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Less than halfway through this book I got the urge to go to the kitchen, find a fork, and stab myself with it. The Mrs. Murphy Mysteries  used to be fun light reads. Now they're just boring with not much mystery and too much politics and stilted language. I want to read about good old fashioned murder, not social or political issues. If I wanted to be deep I'd read Tolstoy, not  mysteries. I want murder, just murder.


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