The Three Lives of Thomas

Yesterday as I was On my Wal-mart to our local friendly neighborhood Wal-mart. As I pulled onto the highway I heard a "THUNK" and when I looked back my mother's kitten was on the road. It's leg appeared hurt but it looked to be scrambling toward the side of the road.
When I saw it I immediately turned around with "ohshitohshit, please don't be dead" going though my head.
But it wasn't there. I got out, called for it, and drove around the area several times looking for it. Still didn't find it.

So... a little while later I finally got up the courage to tell Mom.
" Let's go look for it," she said.
" But Mom I've looked and looked for it and couldn't find it."
" Let's just go look."
So we went back to the spot and didn't see it.
Mom told me, " Let's go look one more time and call it."
So we did.
" Here kitty, here kitty."
" I hear it!", she exclaimed.
" Are you sure?"
" Ok, I'll get out and call it."
" I see it!"
" So do I. Come here little fella. Come on." ( It was found in the place I thought I saw it run to and was there waiting almost eight hours later.)
It then came trotting up the bank right toward me and appeared ok. Wellll, a little twitchy maybe but if you fell out from under a car you'd be a little twitchy too.
" Yay, I didn't kill you."
" Wanna go get a coke now?"
" Ok."


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