A Review of The Devil's Blues by Ricky Bush

The Devil's Blues
By: Ricky Bush
Genre: Thriller
202 pages
Publisher: Barking Rain Press 
Publication Date: February 2013
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* I was provided a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

When the best blues harp customizer in Texas rushes up the steps of the First Christian Church, he finds the doors have been chained shut. A massive explosion sends him to a Houston hospital where he is charged with the murder of the entire congregation--including his wife and daughter. Enter Mitty Andersen, ex-investigative reporter turned blues musician, who was talking to him about a new harmonica order just before the church blew up. Sensing that an innocent man is being railroaded by an overzealous lawman, Mitty once again teams up with his "partner in chime," Pete Bolden, to find out who's really behind a string of church bombings. In their quest for justice, the duo form an uneasy alliance with two ATF agents and soon find themselves in the crosshairs of a secret anti-Christian paramilitary organization known as S.O.S.: the Soldiers of Satan. Can Mitty and Pete dodge the wrath--and bullets--of the S.O.S. operatives long enough to stop the next bombing? 

My Thoughts:

This was an exciting, well paced read with interesting characters. I'm not a blues fan so I couldn't get into that aspect but the story was enjoyable and I liked the characters. I thought the soundtrack of blues songs that go along with the plot was also an interesting twist.

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