Book Review: The Memory Plot

The Memory Plot
By: D.W.Carver
Genre: Mystery
268 pages
Publisher: Musa
Publication Date: June 2013
Get it at:
Musa Publishing

* I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

 Two years after the car crash that killed her family, mental health counselor Jill Garvin’s memories of the events surrounding the tragedy are beginning to resurface. And with them, a painful and ugly secret that will shatter the way Jill views her late husband. The threat of reality may be more than Jill’s fragile mind can handle. But handle it she must, because a much darker force is at work: a man who would do anything to keep her past a secret, including destroy the new family Jill has found for herself.

My Thoughts:

I found the book to be a suspenseful, exciting read with interesting characters and snappy dialogue.However, I could have done without some of the graphic depictions and done more with Jill's back story because I found myself confused at times. Otherwise it was an enjoyable read. 

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