Brownie Points

Dad received a somewhat threatening and very vague letter from The Social Security Administration- (which is their usual mode of communication) saying he had a phone appt. He went ahead and called them. Here is the oh so stimulating conversation:
Dad: I was just wondering what the letter was about? I'm not losing any brownie points, am I?
CSR: Noooo. We just have some questions- to see if your situation has changed. But I'll have to make a phone appt. for later today.
Dad: Well, I'm still sick. Can't you tell by the way I talk?
Silence. Then...
I'll have to call you later in the afternoon.
Now, he did say if she would have told him he was getting another $5.00 he was going to tell her to give it to Congress cause they're broke. Thankfully that didn't come up.


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