Heart Attack From a Spouse's Perspective

My husband was recently in the hospital for a light heart attack. Here are things that went through my head. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
" Please let him be okay. Please let him be okay..."
(These were my thoughts during my husband's cardiac catherization. During the cath my chest hurt. When the nurse called to say he was doing ok my chest stopped hurting. )
Cardiologist:" It was a light episode. We'll put you on medicine. We don't know what cause the attack- it could have been pain, a virus, a blood clot..." . There's a possibility you may get to go home today.
(Woo Hoo!)
Attending: " I want to keep you another night to do tests."
" But the EKG and chest x-ray...", I started to ask.

Attending: " He had a heart attack."
(Okay. Take some ativan. Jerk. I was wanting to clarify because, gee, I'm his wife and wanted to know about his condition but White Rabbit was apparently late for an important date.)
Later, after going to my brother's for a shower:
Scott: "He took me off the Nifedepine." This is a blood pressure pill that helps control his movement disorder. The med the dr. talked about reducing but not stopping. Scott then started having muscles spasms.
(If he gets worse because of this idiot I'm going to hunt him down. )
Doctor puts him back on the BP med. His spasms stop.

Next day:
Attending:" Ready to go home?"
(No. We want to stay in your charming presence.)
" You have a little bit of heart failure. Thank you for listening and staying. Since you wanted to stay on the Nifedepine I decreased the Lopressor."
(Thank you for listening. I didn't want to have to kick your butt.)
Now he's home and doing ok. He keeps his nitroglycerin nearby. It's his new best friend.


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