Book Review: Losing It All

Losing It All
By: Marsha Cornelius
Genre: Fiction
380 pages
Publisher: Hickory Flat Books
Publication Date: February 2013
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* I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.


Frank Barnes is content living on the streets of Atlanta. A soup kitchen and a makeshift shanty sure beat his days as a POW in Vietnam. But Chloe Roberts can’t handle the eviction that sends her into the hell of homelessness. With no family or friends to turn to, Chloe and her children are sucked into the traumatic world of night shelters, and dangerous predators.
When they bump into each other at the soup kitchen, Frank offers Chloe a glimmer of hope that she can pull her life back together. She rekindles his lost sense of self-worth by taking his mind off his own problems. But they will not meet again until Frank is riding high as a working man, and Chloe has hit rock bottom.
By helping Chloe rebuild her broken life, Frank banishes the demons from his own past. Unfortunately, the past comes strolling back into their lives, threatening to destroy the happiness they have finally found.

My Thoughts:

I got so engrossed in this book I stayed up nearly all night. I rarely took bathroom breaks. Whoops. It was a timely story about homelessness and it tackled the issue without hitting the reader over the head. The characters were fully realized and the plot was convincing. The author did a good job of mixing the plight of the homeless and trying to get back on their feet with an unconventional romance. A very intriguing book.



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