The Case of the Missing Dentures

" Lisa, I can't find my teeth. I put 'em on the table last night. I found the top ones but can't find the bottom ones ", my grandfather said.

So, my husband and I did our best Nancy and Ned impression and started looking for the missing lowers. We looked in the living room. Not there. We looked beside his table.  Not there.

" Maybe they're in your chair", I said.
"No, I looked."

After looking under, over, and below items, and in different rooms they were still missing.

" Maybe a rat got 'em."

Maybe one did. Maybe it needed a set of lowers. Rats gotta eat, too.

He decided to check his chair once more. Ned Nickerson and my grandfather found them; they were rattling around in his chair.

Maybe the rat gave 'em back.


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