Using the Force with Oji Ben Kaknobby and Yoder

Today I took my Dad to the store. He bought some Dove Dark Chocolate that he likes so well. Here's his response to it:

" Mmm, Mmm. I'm glad I got some of this chocolate candy. I was punying away."
" You sure are talking a lot to be so puny.", I responded.
" Hush. I was using that...what's that thing they use on Star Wars? Omen?"
" The Force."
" Yeah. I was using the Force like Oji Ben Kaknobby, Yoder, Sky Lukewalker, and Princess Lay Me Down."
" Dear Lord in Heaven. Help Me."
" What's that thing called that growled all the time?"
" Chewbacca."
" Yeah. I bet Chewbaccer had a tick on his ass. That's why he growled so much. Who was that with him?"
" Han Solo."
" Han Soho?"
" Yes. It was Han Soho."



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