A Tire Gauge and A Limp

Over the past couple of months various family members have been hospitalized. My husband for a light heart attack, hip replacement surgery for my mother, and now my grandfather is in the hospital with pneumonia and congestive heart failure. Here are some highlights from his stay in the hospital:

My grandfather was sitting in a recliner in the hospital when all of a sudden he jumped up and headed to the bed.
" AAAH!AAAH! What are you doing?", I asked.
" Trying to get back to bed."
He was quicker than me and got back on the bed before I could make a move. He sprawled across the bed and got tangled up in his wires. 

Jesus help me.

I hollered for the nurse to help me. She remarked:
" Boy, he's a spunky little thing."
" Yes he is. He's a lot quicker than me."

I don't know whether to be impressed or ashamed.

Meanwhile, my Mother is still recovering from hip replacement surgery and my Dad has been staying with her while the husband and I are at the hospital. When we got back yesterday he came upstairs and started talking about random things as usual:

"When I was young people was jealous cause I had a wiggle in my walk", he said.
 "I don't think I'd be bragging on that fact," I replied.
" I was hot. I had blue eyes and a good tooth. Now I have a tire gauge and a limp".
" Lord have mercy."

And today my Grandfather was having trouble with his hearing aid so he told his nurse:

"My hearing aid battery might quit so if you come in here and I can't hear you just kick me."

I must say it's never a dull moment when helping loved ones. 


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