Catch Me If You Can

My grandfather was released from the hospital yesterday after being in there a week for pneumonia and congestive heart failure. He got very good care, everyone was nice. However, when told he was very active and independent even though he's 91 I think they had a hard time believing it. I think healthcare professionals underestimate older people at times. But just because you're elderly doesn't mean your memory is bad or you can't be independent. He does need help in some areas, but in a lot of them he leaves me in the dust. And I'm in my 30s. Pitiful.

Before he was discharged physical and respiratory therapists walked him to see how well he could do and how his oxygen level was. Here's what occured:

Therapist:" Okay Mr. Carroll, we're going to walk down the hall and see how you do."

As they got to the end of the hall the therapist, said:
" Hold on. We need to stop and see how your oxygen is."

He stopped for half a second so they could check it. Then Speedy lit out again.

"Wait, we're not running a race. Slow down, we can't keep up with you."

Yep. This time he left the therapists in the dust. And I stood there and did the mature thing. Snorted with laughter.


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