A Review of Senoff for a Snitch

Send off for a Snitch
( A Jesse Damon Crime Novel)
By: K.M. Rockwood
Genre: Mystery
243 pages
Publisher: Musa Publishing 

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
Jesse recently been released from prison after serving 20 years. He's just trying to get by and stay out of prison. But his life gets complicated when a co-worker's young brother shows up on his doorstep one morning. Things get even more complicated when the co-worker's body is then found on his doorstep. Whoops. Will Jesse find the real culprit and stay out of jail?

I liked the fact that Jesse is a blue collar worker trying to turn his life around. He's an interesting, well developed character. All the characters were well developed. I found the story ti be a little slow moving, though. I like the killing to be done early in a novel. However, once I got to the mystery I found the story enjoyable. 

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