Review of Lost Legacy

A Lost Legacy
( A Zoe Chambers Mystery #2)
By: Annette Dashofy
Publisher: Henery Press, September 2014
296 pages
Genre: Mystery
Source: Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

On a hot summer afternoon  paramedic/farm manager/ deputy coroner Zoe Chambers and her partner Earl answer a call at a farm. There they find James Engle hanging from the rafters of his barn. At first it looks like a simple suicide but Zoe soon finds out Engle was involved in the death of her great-uncles 45 yrs. before.

As Zoe and Chief Pete Adams get closer to the truth two more mysterious deaths occur. Will she find out the truth behind her uncles' and father's death or will Zoe lose out while researching the past?

A fun mystery with well realized characters, a touch of romance, and a interesting mystery that kept me guessing. Don't lose out by not reading Lost Legacy.

  1/2 teacups

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