The Butterfly and the Violin
Hidden Masterpiece #1
By: Kristy Cambron
329 pages
Genre: Historical/Romantic/Christian Fiction
Publisher: Thomas Nelson, July 2014
Source: Received complimentary copy from publisher via BookLook Bloggers 

Present day: Art gallery owner Sera James is looking for a painting she seen as a child that haunted her. To her it links her to her Father. When she meets William Vanover- who has loaned her the painting they decide to work together to try to find it. William has a stake in finding it as well- his family's fortune.

1942: Adele Von Bron, a renowned concert violinist. Her story will take her from a privileged upbringing to a concentration camp- sent there for helping Jews. Her only hope is to become a member of the Women's Orchestra of Auschwitz. There the thought of playing for God in the face of evil sustains her.

As William and Sera try to unravel the mystery of the painting they find that even in the midst of unspeakable horror that God's love never falters.

The book smoothly transitions for WWII era Austria to present day Manhattan.Both Adele's, Sera's, and WIlliam's story come together for a very interesting and uplifting read set during a terrible time in history. The author made the setting and characters come alive for the reader. So, it's getting:

1/2 teacups

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