Who's Poojam?

My Dad came to the house today for me to call about a medical bill he received. When he came in the door he took off his cap and revealed  a shaved head.
“Oh. my. gosh. What’d you do? That ain’t right,” I said.
“I was trimming my hair and accidentally slipped and decided to shave my head,” he said.
“You look like a redneck Mister Clean.”
“That’s what he said!” the husband replied.
“I think I look good.”
My brother saw the picture and texted me saying, ” He looks like a short, fat Punjab or Sloth from The Goonies.”
“Who’s Poojam?” Dad asked.
“Punjab. And please put your cap back on, Kojak.”
“Yeah, Kojak. I need to get me a lollipop.”


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