Nine Lives To Die by Rita Mae Brown

Nine Lives To Die: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery
Mrs. Murphy # 22
Genre: Mystery
272 pages
Publisher: Bantam, 2014
Source: Publisher via netgalley in exchange for honest review

Winter has come to Crozet, VA and Harry and Fair are busy preparing for Christmas in addition to delivering presents to needy residents and participating in fundraisers.

When two mentors with local agency Silver Linings end up dead in addition to a cold case turning up it's up to Harry and her pets to sniff out the mystery.

While the mystery itself was pretty good, there wasn't enough focusing on it. Still more talking in these books than doing. At least Rita Mae Brown has toned down on the political stuff. Thank Gawd. I wish she'd bring the old friends back such as Miranda and the Sanburnes. They helped make the stories more interesting. So, I'm giving it...

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