Product Review of Handi-Treads

 Did you know that slips and falls account for over 20,000 deaths per year? And injuries from falls are the most common source of emergency room visits? Since my mother and husband have medical conditions that make them unstable on their feet and I am about as graceful as a bull in a china shop; I decided to take Handi- Ramp up on their offer to review their Handi-Treads in exchange for an honest review.  

They sent me metal treads and the screws to install them with. We decided to install them on the ramp leading up to the front door because even in good weather it's slicker than goose... well you get the idea.
My Dad explaining the process

They were easy to quick and easy to install- it only took about 20 minutes to get them down.  They have raised buttons on them for better traction. When walking on them they felt like they were gripping the bottom of my shoe. They're made out of durable material so they'll last a long time. My husband loves them, he feels more secure now when walking down the ramp. They're pretty in- expensive and come in a variety of colors. They can be installed indoor or outdoor, wood or concrete steps, ramps, decks, docks, and piers. Handi- Ramp has been in business since 1958 and in addition to treads they make handrails, grab bars, wheelchair ramps, and a whole bunch of other good stuff. If you're interested in purchasing your own Handi-treads use this 10% discount code: BLOG2014. I think you'll be happy with the product. We certainly are.

The Husband approves
The kitten approves, too


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