Book Review: The Cana Mystery by David Beckett

The Cana MysteryThe Cana Mystery by David  Beckett

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Publisher: Tuscany Press, 2013
338 pages
Genre: Historical Thriller

Digging in the heart of the vast desert, archeologists unearth something that will change history. Legends tell of an ancient code no mortal man can read. Summoned from grad school in Boston, brilliant Ava Fischer might be the only person alive with the skills and attributes necessary to unlock a secret that's slept for centuries. Chased by ruthless criminals, terrorists, and fanatics, Ava must rely on her keen wits and her few loyal companions to survive. Can she evade danger long enough to solve The Cana Mystery?

 Book Source:Netgalley

Part Indiana Jones, part Da Vinci Code; the Cana mystery is a thrilling read, especially the scenes set in present day. The chapters that went back in time were important to the plot, though they weren't quite as exciting as the ones set today. The story kept me well entertained, though. The author seems to have done his homework and it shows. If you like historical thrillers I think you'd enjoy this. It also had a nice touch of romance with resourceful, intelligent characters.

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