Book Review: Mermaid By: Kate O'Connor

By: Kate O'Connor
Genre: Sci-fi
65 pages
Publisher: Musa, 2013
Book Source: Author in exchange for an honest review

Harvesting seaweed for World Food Co. is the only life genetically engineered sea drone Coral has ever known. Nothing in her short, monotonous life prepared her for a chance meeting with a boatful of strangers who force her to question everything she is. When the opportunity arises to change her place in the world, Coral finds herself caught between a powerful company and the family she was so desperate to leave. Struggling to unravel the tangle of politics and love, time is running out as she fights to learn the hardest lesson of all – what it means to be truly human.

 An inventive retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid told with a sci-fi twist. I like Coral and her quest for more freedom for the drones. It's a well written, enjoyable novella.One with a twist at the end I didn't expect. I'm giving it...

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