A Review of Witchcraft Couture by Katarina West

Witchcraft Couture
By: Katarina West
312 pages
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: eBook Partnership, November 2014

* I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

Oscar Pellegrini is a very talented fashion designer. He only has one problem- his mind. He's plagued by self-doubt so he ends up being self destructive. Because of that his once promising career has been troubled by one firing after another. When he's given another chance by his ex-girlfriend he ends up running away to Russia where he ends up drunk and on a bizarre journey. There he ends up with a mysterious machine that might save his career... or will it?

At first I was a little annoyed with Oscar because he kept sabotaging himself. But after a while he grew on me. He is a fully realized, realistic character. The book kept me interested and had an interesting twist. It's a an original work and well worth the read. The cover is also really beautiful. So, it's getting...

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