I'm Having A M.O.U.S.E Done

My Dad has been trouble swallowing lately and his doctor explained to him that sometimes as people age their esophagus tightens. She sent him to a surgeon for a consult. We got there and a procedure was scheduled.

 As Dad was checking out of the doctor's office-
(To the receptionist) Thanks. They were nice back there.
Receptionist: They're good people.
Dad ( to the other receptionist): You look like you're about to cry.
Recept.: I'm serious. I'm trying to concentrate.
Dad: I had that once but I took some Ex-lax.
Me: Oh. My. Gosh. You're an idiot.

Dad: I really think it's my abullah koali hanging down in the back of my throat that's in the way.
Me: Help me Jesus.
Dad: What's this procedure I'm having? E.G.D? G.E.D? M.O.U.S.E ?
Me: Yes Dad, it's called a mouse.


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