My Cat is a Republican

As far as politics go I tend to be slightly left of center. Though I am conservative in some ways. My cat, Sabrina, however, tends to lean more towards the right.

Yes. My cat is a Republican. While I believe in providing aid to those less fortunate my cat thinks they need to pull themselves up by their pawstraps. She wants Caticare and Caticaid to be cut. She believes that kitty stamps should be restricted to buy Meow Mix and not luxuries like catnip. If a cat can afford caticures and cattoos then they shouldn't be on public assistance.

I've tried to explain to her that kitty stamps cover very little and don't get a cat through the month but she just turns her head and goes back to reading Ayn Rand.

I'll keep trying to sway her but she can be one stubborn kitty. But I'm for sure getting rid of the Donald Trump poster.


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