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I decided to host a link exchange for blogs, facebook pages, twitter accounts, or any website about caregiving.  Any type of caregiver is welcome to post a link to their site. I would appreciate it greatly and love you forever if you'd follow me. I promise to follow back. All you have to do is fill out the form below with your blog's name and url  and your link will be added. Thanks!


  1. I couldn't get my info to enter above. I just started a blog about caring for my husband who has Lewy Body Disease (LBD).

    Name of blog is Try to Remember.
    My name is Cherie Marcus. I'm on google+

    Thanks, Lisa for creating this exchange.

  2. My blog is about my experiences as a caregiver for my husband who has a cancer called Multiple Myeloma. I came up with the blog name because during this past year I've often felt like a tiny pebble on a large beach. My hope is that I can give some encouragement to other caregivers of MM patients.

    1. Oh looks like I posted the link twice in error. Could you delete the one that says Shelley (10) and leave the one that is the name of my blog?


    2. Done! Thanks for entering your link.

  3. "Una dressed in Books" is my book review blog. i followed you and have your link on my blog,hope you will the same!
    and anyone else who is interested in blog exchange,just leave your link on my blog :)

    happy blogging!

  4. My mother-in-law lived with me and my family for seven years, and during the last three years of her life I was her primary caregiver (she passed away in 2008). I write honestly about our difficult journey through caregiving, hospice, and end-of-life.

    I love the collection of interests you have here, Lisa! Thanks so much for this site.



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